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Events and activities commemorating Swindon's role in the 1914-1918 war

Welcome to Swindon in the Great WarUnveiling the Cenotaph

A community-led campaign under a shared logo committed to making sure that Swindon and the local area's considerable contribution to World War I is properly recognised. If you are involved in Great War activity in the area, you can download the logo here and be part of Swindon's commemorations.

Over the four years of 2014 - 2018, Swindon will see a number of activities and events relating to the Great War; including, Rememberance Services, Exhibitions, Theatre Shows, Talks, Books, Art, Films, Music, Dance, and much more.

Everything Swindon in the Great War is doing is about the people of Swindon and the area around it - the organisers, the volunteers, the stories, the events and the activities, they are all about celebrating and involving real people... and that includes you. We want to hear your stories, see your photos and artefacts, and share them. And if you can afford any time to spare, we are always looking for extra hands to help with exhibitions, displays or other events - and it doesn't matter what you can or cannot do, if you want to be part of the plans for Swindon in the Great War you will be very welcome to join us!Memorial Plaque

Free publicity for your events
If you are planning commemoration events of any description Certificateyourself, why not get in touch - we may be able to help you with wider promotion, or advice, through our own connections and plans.

Can you help us?
We are determined to mark this important centenary to the best of our ability - we have alreday developed many important relationships, outlets and venues, but to do things well costs money, and we do not have any natural source of funding. We are putting in for grants where we can, and we have created our own funding scheme called Adopt-a-Tommy. The scheme is actually similar to fund-raising ideas used during the Great War, and for a donation of £10 we will provide you with a beautiful certificate based on the one that Swindon forces men received when they returned home. Visit our Adopt-a-Tommy page and read all about it!

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