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There is a wealth of information on the web relating to Richard Jefferies. Here, we give a small selection of websites that you may find useful. If you have a website that you would like us to provide a link to, please contact us.

The Richard Jefferies Museum on Facebook - become an FB friend of the musuem at and kep up to date with events and discussions.

Richard Jefferies on Twitter - follow Jefferies on Twitter - @Jefferiesauthor - with tweets by Museum Trustee, Rebecca Welshman.

The Richard Jefferies Society - the Society, established in 1950, is a group of people dedicated to promoting interest in, and respect for the life and works of Richard Jefferies. The Society also has a blog which has a huge amount of information available on it.

Richard Jefferies Discussion Forum - this site offers an interactive, online place for those interested in the author & naturalist, and in discussing different aspects of his works and life.

Cover of Story of my HeartCover of The Gamekeeper at HomeBuy books by Richard Jefferies - many of Jefferies' books and collections of articles can be found on Amazon, and other online book sites, like (and of course you can also find them in many book shops!).

Wikipedia - the page on Wikipedia offers a good, broad background to Jefferies' life and works.

Council website - Swindon Borough Council, which owns the museum, has a page on its own website relating to it, which also gives links to other cultural gems in Swindon.

The Life and Works - Simon Coleman has pulled together this comprehensive website with a view to encouraging interest and appreciation of Jefferies' works.

Sunlight on the wall by Geoff Moss
Quote from Story of My Heart
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